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Photo Mechanic: Version 5 Build 17671
« on: August 03, 2016, 04:03:52 PM »
Hello Everyone,

We have a new updated build that solves a number of issues present in the 17338 build.  Please see below for release notes.



Version 5.0 Build 17671

• Fixed a problem when Renaming on a case-sensitive filesystem and the case of the files to rename differs from the case of the File Extensions preference. This would result in a failure to rename, an error being reported, and temporary filenames being left behind.
• Zenfolio upload template now adjusts its controls after account settings change. Previously if one didn’t have an account already as a connection setting, then upon creating one, various UI components (for instance the Create New Gallery... button) would not be enabled.
• Removed FujiFilm maker note value for frame number since this is only for resetting and is usually 1.
• When Ingesting disks with “Keep Separate Source Folder Names Only” option set, Ingest now tunnels
through the DCIM folder when known folders are present at the root level of the camera card.
• Ingest now treats AVCHD folders produced by various cameras as a package and copies and preserves
its internal structure to the destination folder. If capture time variables are used in folder naming, the
most recent file in the package is used as the capture time of the package for variable expansion. AVCHD
packages cannot be renamed and function properly for all video processing applications so they are
not themselves renamed. If a destination folder already has an AVCHD package folder then the new
AVCHD folder will be placed in a folder named AVCHDA or AVCHD01, etc. according to your renaming
collision resolution preferences.
• Adjust Capture Dates and Times tool now has the ability to to apply the absolute time of the current
photo to all selected photos.
• Fixed an issue in the PhotoShelter upload template that was preventing Libris Contributors from uploading
images to their contributor account.
• Added improved support for reading Maker Note data from some Leica models.
• Photo Mechanic will now automatically repair certain TIFF-based RAW formats when they have been
modified by Photo Mechanic but have had this extra data truncated. Currently only Canon CR2, Nikon
NEF and NRW, and Olympus ORF files will be repaired and only if the repair will fix the file. The repair
involves replacing the original TIFF IFD0 pointer at offset 4.
• Added the {datesortdash} and {timesortdash} variables.
• Added the {maxdim} or {maxd} variable which returns the maximum of the {width} or {height}.
• Added the {focallength} variable which is the same as {lens}.
• Added the {contrast} variable which is the same as {tone}.
• Added the ability to read improperly formatted TIFF strings that aren’t zero terminated.
• Fixed an issue in the Preferences Export module that was causing connection settings for uploaders to be
listed twice. One of the listings contained valid settings, and the other listing resulted in no data being

• Photo Mechanic now removes ACLs on files you edit. Photo Mechanic now also removes any ACLs that
are added to its cache and preferences folders.
• Disabled using ImageIO for Casio DNG files since ImageIO cannot handle them properly.
• Added a workaround for a bug in the pre-release Apple macOS Sierra OS when drawing checkboxes and
radio buttons.

• Added a registry key to force Internet Explorer 9 behavior for the embedded browsers within Photo Mechanic.
The embedded browsers are used for the GPS dialogs and the Credits dialog.
• Single line fields in the IPTC customization dialogs no longer allow their number of Rows to be edited.