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IPTC Info Copy clipboard interface
« on: March 21, 2017, 06:17:56 am »
When captioning a large batch of picture I will caption the first in a series of images then Copy that and Paste, save an advance  through the next few that get the same caption. All my images have a base IPTC info applied at ingest, so usually it is just adding information to the caption. Then I ID a new person for a few frames doing the same thing before going back to the first person for a few more frames.

I know PM keeps a history of these Copy actions because I can access those in the contact sheet or preview with Right-Click /IPTC Snapshot/Paste. The problem with this is if a client's style is the same dateline at the start of each caption I don't see enough information to know what caption is what. And it is a little kludgy to get at.

So I would like to respectfully propose a couple of things to make this Copy history more useful:

1. Give me a window pane with the caption paragraph (at least the first paragraph) from the Copy history. Let me dock it with Tasks/Favorites/Navigator in contact  sheet view, Then let me drag it over and drop it, or double click the history item,  to apply it to a selected image or set of images and it applies.

Also let me have that pane in the Preview window with Info/Tasks/Crop/Etc... Click and drag or double click on an item to apply it to the selected image.

2. In the IPTC Info give me a button (Clipboard) that brings up a window  in the same way as Variables works that lets me double click the history item (again in the form of a paragraph from the caption, although obviously all the IPTC is copied and applied ) to apply it to the image. Save & > can still be it's own thing after you have the info in place. I could also see this being an attached, right side, collapsable, flyout window.

And this same button or flyout window need to be in IPTC Stationary pad. As currently getting a complete set of data from IPTC Info to IPTC stationary pad involves Lightning Bolt Snapshotting IPTC Info as something  (I use Toss as the name of my temporary snapshots) by naming it, and writing over the previous, then going to IPTC Stationary pad and loading that snapshot.

Attached are some mock ups of what I was thinking for the Info and Stationary pads.

Please and Thank you,

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