Author Topic: Howto become Structured Keywords in "Person Shown" Field?  (Read 56 times)

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Howto become Structured Keywords in "Person Shown" Field?
« on: April 18, 2017, 03:28:18 pm »

I ve a question, that I carry a long time with me.
Red carpet and people/politics Photographer please read :)

For tagging persons, it can be done relatively quickly with the Structured Keyword Browser (CTRL-SHIFT-K).
Unfortunately, the names and synonyms are only going to the keyword (or caption)-IPTC-Field.

I would like it to apply to the "Persons Shown" field.
Advantage: Then the person names can easily insert in the necessary metadata fields like with the {persons} - Variable in Caption , Headline, Keywords - at once.

The "Edit persons shown" function/browser is not so good (not fast in selecting entrys and no synonyms) as the Structured Keyword Browser.

So, does anybody have an idea, howto "fix" that?
If not, I think there should be a Feature(-Request) for extending the possible destination-fields in the Structured Keyword Browser to "Persons Shown" (not only keyword and caption) right in the place.

Sincerely, brendan
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