Author Topic: Vista Print Selection Problem  (Read 5099 times)

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Vista Print Selection Problem
« on: March 14, 2007, 09:26:37 AM »

I can't seem to change which printer to route a job though.

I apologize, but I don't recall having this problem when running with Windows XP.  Unfortunately, I don't currently have access to my XP system to be able to confirm.

Right now, the only way I can specify which printer I want to use is to exit Photo Mechanic, change my default printer, go back into Photo Mechanic and print.  It works, but is a minor annoyance.  I'm using Vista Home Premium (don't ask why...).  For what it's worth, the two printers that are installed is Microsoft's XPS Document Writer and PDF995 (a PDF document printer - an attempt to solve another issue!).

In case I'm not missing anything, I thought I'd bring it to your attention.