Author Topic: Improving Process of Finding Images By Keywords & Results Showing in One Sheet  (Read 1295 times)

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I understand that this program is not a catalog, however, we know it has great speed and simplicity advantages and has the potential of providing some of the features of a catalog - organization and search.  Currently, we are able to find images based on keyword search using the Find function and then press F2 to reveal just the images found - but can be very cumbersome.

It is difficult if you are trying to quickly search in several folders.  You have to manually open up each new folder and add it to the Current Contact Sheet.  I have seen requests for improving this in the past but have not seen anything come up. In Windows Explorer Ctrl-Click allows specific selection and allows you to add more items.  This would be great if you could select several folders (with sub-folders) one at  a time in some manner and each is highlighted and then they all merge into a single large Current Contact Sheet.   Or merge multiple Open Contact Sheets.

I think you probably understand what I am getting at.  Just finding the best, fastest way to search a lot of images in multiple folders for keywords and have the result come back all in a single contact sheet view so that these images can be tagged as a group in some manner.  The tagging is the easy part.

Thanks, Tom

PS: one more idea.  Is see there is a separate Windows Menu item.  This seems the perfect place to add a function where you can select some are all windows to merge into single Contact Sheets
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PM6 + Catalog (in development) will make finding images by keyword very fast and simple.


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Kirk, when is the 'anticipated' release date for PM6.. 2017 or 2018?