Author Topic: Autocomplete quirks and possibly fixing them  (Read 759 times)

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Autocomplete quirks and possibly fixing them
« on: November 23, 2017, 10:39:50 am »
Hi all

Newbie to the forum so apologies if I do wrong. I have searched for a solution without success.

I have set up my Stationery Pad with various variables in use and all goes well apart from one quirk with the autocomplete function within Persons Shown.

It seems to reset when it encounters a space. In other words If I start typing Clare, it will suggest one of many Clares in my autocomplete list but perhaps not the correct one for that image, so I keep typing. When I get to the space after Clare it seems to start searching again. So if I then add a B e.g. Clare B, it doesn't suggest Clare Bell, which is my only Clare B. Instead it treats the B as the start of a new first name, and suggests Bella Higham.

It's not a biggie but slightly irritating with large shoots. Lightroom doesn't do it, so I'm wondering if it can be fixed? [should this be in feature requests?]