Author Topic: Ability to jump from one code replacement point to the next in caption  (Read 40 times)

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This one is for those who work in the field (literally) in all sorts of inclement weather conditions trying to capture, edit and caption photos with one hand on the camera and the other on the laptop.  I shoot soccer (football over here  :)) and my captions are largely the same basic structure with "Team A's /Ta and Team B's /Tb during this evenings game at...." etc etc.  I often struggle when placing the cursor at the replacement code position particularly when using the mouse pad especially when the hands are cold or wet.  It often ends up either in front of the word "and" or before the first letters of the code. Very frustrating when under pressure to get that image captioned and sent within minutes of the action.
I was thinking it would be great if, when you open your image to enter the caption details, there was a shortcut which would automatically insert the cursor after your code replacement symbol and then, when you'd completed the code entry allowed you to jump to the next one without having to insert the cursor manually.   It would speed up my captioning significantly.   
Any alternative suggestions which would improve this particular scenario would be gladly welcomed.