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Kevin M. Cox:
What are y'all using for recovering images off corrupted flash cards these days (on a Mac)?

We have been using SanDisk Rescue Pro but it is a huge hassle to activate and deploy on multiple computers.

Hayo Baan:
Hi Kevin,

That would have been the software I’d recommend too. It comes (usually?) free with the memory card you bought and seems to work ok. That or similar software from Lexar. Since I’ve only once really needed to use recovery software, I have no experience in deploying it to multiple machines though...

I have used Recuva but mainly on hard disks, they all work much the same way. It is downloadable free from the web.

Kevin M. Cox:
Thanks for the thoughts guys.

Frantisek Vlcek:
The few times I needed to, I did use PhotoRec. It's a free commandline tool for photo recovery. Slightly harder to use than commercial software (it's commandline after all), but worth it (it's free after all :) )


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