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Rating (and tags) not available on folders not imported through PM



I'm digging out old photos not imported through PM. I wanted to apply a second look at it and apply my classic workflow.

I was not able to rate (or tag) those photos with shortcuts... I started to think PM was broken.. on Mac. Then I tried on newer folders and realized it was working.

Any idea how I can fix it? Not implying ingesting each and every folder of photos?


Hayo Baan:
What do you mean with “shortcuts”? Do you mean eg windows shortcuts as in the real file is located somewhere else? If so, simply browse the original file location with PM (the same holds true for Mac links; these are sadly also not supported by PM).

Thanks for your clarification. When I mean shortcuts I mean keyboard shortcuts to rate with stars for example.

For some reason .. it doesn't work I would guess it's because of some XMP not present ?

Hayo Baan:
Do  you have write permission in the directory? Or are you perhaps changing multiple files at once? If so, the number key alone won’t work; you’ll need to press eg the ctrl/cmd key as well when marking multiple files.


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