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Request: handling of .aae files


Hayo Baan:
When you shoot high-speed video (in High-Efficiency mode) with the iPhone, you'll get a .MOV file and a .AAE file. The latter is a text file (xmp format) and should be kept connected to the .MOV file if you e.g. rename the file. It would also be nice if the .AAE file could be ignored and not displayed as proxy in this case.

(Note: I know the High Efficiency files themselves are not supported by PM, but this request is independent of that)

Completely agree!
Not only the AAE is a sidecar for video, but also for JPEG pictures that have been altered in a iOS editor, for example Snapseed.

We have more and more pictures shot with iPhones in our workflow, and some of them end up being efited on the fly hence a lot of AAE images.

They really should be treated as sidecar for correct renaming.


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