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.mov iPhone 8 files not visible


Hi guys, I'm on a MacBook Pro OS 10.13.6, PM Version 5.0, build 19695 and I'm working with .mov files coming both from a DJI Phantom 4 PRO drone and from an iPhone 8.
All files are recorded in 4K 60 fps and while the DJI files are normally shown with their previews and they can be played in PM, the iPhone files appear as black previews with the red statement "unable to render image"and they only play the audio in PM.
Please note that all iPhone files play smoothly with Quicktime player.
Amy suggestions?

Hayo Baan:
You likely recorded the video in the new high efficiency format. PM does not (yet) render that.

Thanks mate, I'm frankly not aware of this format, just set the iPhone to record in 4K 60fps, that's all

Hayo Baan:
4K @60fps indeed requires the high efficiency file format.

Got it, thanks. Then I can only wait for PM to support it...


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