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In a post earlier in the year
you mentioned that PhotoMechanic and NAS did not work too well together.
With PM6 and cataloging hopefully coming soon is that issue likely to still apply?
If it is, are you able to suggest what I should be looking for in an external hard drive that would work well with PM6?
Many thanks for your help,

Kirk Baker:
SSD drives are the fastest storage media at this time but if you put the disk behind a slow interface then the performance will suffer.  What I/O ports does your system have?  E-SATA is optimal but Thunderbolt and USB3 are not bad, FireWire 800 is OK, but USB2 and FireWire 400 are getting pokey.

Striped RAID arrays via E-SATA are good and give a lot of storage for the price.

It really depends on your I/O ports and your capacity needs are.



Kevin M. Cox:
Martin, I work off file servers and NAS frequently. It works, you just have to realize that the speed is going to be limited by your network speed.

PM will feel absolutely pokey compared to working off an internal SSD. But if you understand that limitation and that it isn't PM's fault, it'll work (in my experience).

That's helpful - I have a Dell XPS 15 laptop which has USB 3.
PhotoMechanic is brilliant editing and captioning software. And I like Capture One for RAW conversions - I tend to use sessions.
The challenge appears to be how to make the most of both and keep the images in a way that they can be found rapidly and backed-up safely.
PM6's archiving solution is eagerly awaited.


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