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Whats different about my program?


I've been using Photo Mechanic (version 4.5.3) for years. Recently my hard drive crashed on my desktop computer so I loaded the program (using my disk) onto my laptop until my desktop was repaired. Now that I have it repaired I have reloaded the software (using same disk) back onto my desktop however some of the program looks different. I'm using version 4.5.3. Cant do any updates due to the age of the software. I just cant figure out why the stationary pad looks different when now using it on my desktop again. Is something not configured right? I'm used to using the software like the second photo. How do I get that back?

Kirk Baker:
That's the "Classic IPTC" dialog.  You can control this in the "Accessibility" tab of the Preferences dialog.



Got it. Once I get used to seeing a program a certain way it drives me nuts having to deal with new screens. This is why "updates" are so frustrating for people.
This works great again though. Thank you so much.


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