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PhotoMechanic with a7RIII files?


I used to use PhotoMechanic back in the day, but eventually CaptureOne Pro got fast enough with my 5DmkIII files that I stopped using it.  I recently made the jump to the a7RIII, and with these ~85 MB RAW files, I'm considering giving PhotoMechanic another shot.  Anyone here care to speak to the speed difference when culling a7RIII files in PM vs C1P?



I don't use C1P very much, but I don't think PM is particularly slow with the Sony.  I have an A7RIII (same size raw files) and shoot RAW+JPG.  Shooting with JPG allows PM to display a full size preview.

Speed is relative.

I have a new Mac Mini with USB C SD card reader and SD external HD. Reading JPEGs is lightening fast, ARW files is tornado fast. CP1, has been abandoned, but for general performance reasons, I didn't try read write comparisons.

The USB C technology is the key. I can't say the same for USB 2 or 3 and on my old 2011 iMac, ARW files took a long time.


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