Author Topic: Update Download Error Encountered  (Read 668 times)

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Update Download Error Encountered
« on: November 21, 2018, 08:00:50 AM »
Received a "There's a free upate available" message when I fired up PM5 just now...

Upon clicking on the link to download it I received the following from the CameraBits website...

cd ../..
export HOME=`pwd`
export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH
cd $HOME/code/license_activate
exec $HOME/ruby19/bin/ruby19 -EUTF-8:UTF-8 -I$HOME/code/license_activate/lib -I$HOME/code/license_client/client/lib -I$HOME/code/license_client/common/lib -I$HOME/code/pm4_reg/src cgi-bin/pm_luid_webupdate.rb 2>>$HOME/code/license_activate/log/pm_webupdate.log

Have I been exciled from the island?

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Re: Update Download Error Encountered
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2018, 09:09:38 AM »
No.  We're transitioning to a new server and you've discovered a problem that we will fix in short order.  You can get the latest builds here:

I always post the builds in the Announcements board.