Author Topic: Upgrade/Streamline "Load Selection" to simulate Collections ala Adobe Bridge  (Read 913 times)

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PM has so many advantages over Adobe Bridge, however, an easier/faster saving and loading of a selections ("collections") of files would be great.  The Load Selection feature is so close, but it requires way to many steps and acknowledgments of pop-up windows which slows things down. Instead, open a calendar year of shots in a folder.  A folder of saved collection text files appears at the top in the navigator.  Click that folder, and various selections would appear IN THE NAVIGATOR that you can click as needed which opens saved selections.

Alternatively, I could create lots of folders with special titles, but with the use of sidecar file folders by editing programs these days, using larger folders of image files - such as a whole year of shots - works better.

The above idea might be the best of both worlds and make cataloging not needed for me.

EDIT ADDED:  Also, it would be great to have the name of the selection (saved text file name) to show-up somewhere while it is opened.
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