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Snapshot dialogue improvements
« on: March 30, 2019, 01:48:43 PM »

It'd be great if you could improve the snapshot dialogues in the following ways:

1) Add a vertical scrollbar - this is functionally quicker and more precise than pressing/tapping up/down buttons at opposite ends of the list and would work faster and more precisely when using touchscreen/mouse/trackpad

2) Increase the size of the dialogue to accomodate longer snapshot names - there are instances when my snapshot names need to be more descriptive than the width permitted accomodates and when I have many snapshots (eg for FTPs and IPTC templates).

3) Improve "Save settings snapshot" dialogue with a wider dialogue to accomodate a longer snapshot names drop down in the "Other snapshot names" field, for the same reasons as above. EG I am updating an existing snapshot by overwriting an existing snapshot name. They have longer descriptive names and I just want to overwrite an existing snapshot by selecting the existing name from the dropdown list and overwriting.

4) Add display of snapshot names to the Find/replace dialogue header, as appears with FTP snapshots and ITPC snapshots, once selected, making it easier to recall which snapshot is currently selected (it does get confusing when you're doing many find/replace actions and you need to replace an existing snapshot with the same name out of numerous options).