Author Topic: PM6: MP4, Color Class Filters, Location Globe  (Read 508 times)

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PM6: MP4, Color Class Filters, Location Globe
« on: March 30, 2019, 12:26:23 PM »
MP4: PM5 displayed thumbnails on MP4s and I was able to upload them to SmugMug with the Upload command. PM6 does not display the thumbnails and fails on uploads due to the MP4 files. I am using Quicktime 7. To do this I need to go back to PM5. Not very productive.

Class Filters: The first time I opened PM6 the right click menu did not display and I was unable to set defaults. It did work the 2nd time I opened PM.

Location Globe: Why did I have to go search for what the globe meant and how to use it? Is there a document that covers all the changes to PM6 with instructions on how to use the new features. The video you reach on help is a good overview, but not practical for a PM user.

I also see screens in preferences that have been modified, but now with cut off text in the labels.

With the amount of time we have been waiting for this release, I would have expected a little more attention to detail.

Dave Roth