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Photo Mechanic Plus Beta 2
« on: April 25, 2019, 05:34:08 PM »
Hello Everyone,

This is the first update to the Photo Mechanic Plus beta.  This beta is open to all Photo Mechanic 6 users.  We would appreciate you trying the beta of Photo Mechanic Plus and giving us your feedback and relay any bugs that you find to us.  Two new message boards have been created to discuss the beta.  Please do not discuss the beta on any of the other boards.  For support on the beta post in, and to request features, post in

Please note that the Photo Mechanic Plus Beta is not feature complete nor is it tuned for maximum performance.  Any catalogs you create may need to be updated if the underlying database format changes.

We invite you to be part of the development process.

Download links:



• Fixed: Color Management issue where no color management was taking place even though it was turned on.
• Fixed: a crash that could occur when ejecting a camera card at the end of an Ingest.
• Fixed: a crash that could occur when a contact sheet tab was reused and the sorting on the existing tab had not finished.

• Fixed: Issue with flashing thumbnails when the application was run for an extended period.
• Fixed: Startup issue for some users when they had an ATI/AMD video card on their system.
• Fixed: widths of “Metadata (IPTC) Template…” buttons.
• Fixed: Catalog Organizer is now visible and docked by default on first startup.
• Fixed: Navigator now automatically refreshes when new folders are added by various PM operations (Ingest, Copy/Move, etc.)

• Fixed: Issue with “Adjust Capture Date/Time” giving RAW file more recent time than XMP sidecar.
• Fixed: a crash that could occur on shutdown if the Catalog Server was taking too long to respond.
• Fixed: a sharepoint problem that would occur on disks where folders of images were located at the root of a disk.  This would prevent Catalog from being able to add images from those folders.
• Improvement: handling of the ON1 file name extension.