Author Topic: Catalog 'hangs', no photos displayed  (Read 7154 times)

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Re: Catalog 'hangs', no photos displayed
« Reply #15 on: April 28, 2019, 08:51:38 AM »
Hi Frederic,

Looks like with that image I can reproduce the hang! Hopefully this enables the CameraBits team to fix the issue(s).

Update: I looked at the file with Exiftool and while the validation only indicated minor issues, there really is a problem with the file, at least enough for PM to misinterpret the metadata (the lens ({lenstype} variable) for instance is reported in PM as Âc. Garbage, of course, but all the more interesting since Exiftool doesn't seem to find any lens data in the file…
Code: [Select]
$exiftool -a -validate -warning P1240215-Panorama.dng
Validate                        : 4 Warnings (all minor)
Warning                         : [minor] Odd offset for IFD0 tag 0x83bb IPTC-NAA
Warning                         : [minor] Odd offset for GPS tag 0x0002 GPSLatitude
Warning                         : [minor] Odd offset for GPS tag 0x0004 GPSLongitude
Warning                         : [minor] Odd offset for GPS tag 0x000d GPSSpeed

I'm pretty certain the metadata problems in the file is what is causing the hang of the scan to catalog.
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