Author Topic: Tools --> Adjust Capture Dates and Times... lost ability to set the file date  (Read 650 times)

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The dialogue "Tools --> Adjust Capture Dates and Times..." has reduced functionality in Version 6.0, build 3023:
At the bottom of the dialogue field, the only remaining option is now: "Also update file creation date/time". Before this update there were three options (I don't remember the exact name of the options, but it was possible to set the file modification date according to the IPTC fields). With version 6, when all three options were switched on, the file modification date was set to UTC (which is now 2 hours away from my local summer time in Germany) - this was not the case in version 5 (please bring back this feature again).
I like to have the files the date an time, when the picture was taken, not when it was last modified.
The same problem is in latest beta of Photo Mechanic Plus.

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We removed the options to update the file system modification time (which is now FALSE), and the option to update the XMP (which is now TRUE).

The reason we removed the option to update the file system modification time is that this is really something that should be controlled by the filesystem without any "artificial" manipulation.  So for example, if a photo's creation time was turned backwards (because maybe you just took some photos but forgot to adjust your camera time from Europe back to Hawaii).  So you adjust capture time to subtract 10-11 hours.  The modification time should not go backwards (e.g. this could affect backup software).

The reason we removed the option to update XMP is that this should always be done so that the XMP creation time etc is also updated, not just the Exif timestamps.  PM will at least (always) update any Exif date/time "strings" with the new "capture time".

We still allow someone to additionally modify the file system creation time but this isn't really necessary.  Unfortunately the old version "forced" you to choose at least one of the 3 options before you could click OK, but now the box to update file creation time is strictly an option.