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Image count in Collections
« on: May 17, 2019, 04:56:52 PM »
I’ve been experimenting with how I might set up Collections and I’ve noticed that the image count doesn’t necessarilly represent the actual number of images in the contact sheet. Here’s an example of collections sorted by province (top-level collection) regions (nested) and city (nested).

Let's say I have 50 photos from the Sunshine Coast, so I add those to the Sunshine Coast collection. Of those 50:
10 are from Gibsons so I add them to the Gibsons collection.
10 are from Sechelt so I add them to the Sechelt collection.
30 are from various wilderness locations without no specific city, so they remain part of the Sunshine Coast collection but do not get added to a lower-level collection.

When I click on my Sunshine Coast collection, 50 photos appear in the contact sheet as expected, but the photo count says 70. PM must be counting 50 Sunshine Coast + 10 Gibsons + 10 Sechelt = 70. The 20 photos that exist in both the mid and lower-level nested collections are being counted twice.

Not sure if this is expected behaviour or a bug. Maybe I’m using Collections in a weird way, but in this senario at least, 70 isn’t really a useful number. I’d expect to see the image count reflect the actual number of photos that exist in contact sheet when I open the Sunshine Coast collection.