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I am a freelance photographer mainly working in the Australian News Media Industry and I am seriously considering moving to Capture One 12 from Adobe.I like the option of owning the licence outright compared with Adobe's on going monthly subscription.I understand there will be a learning curve with Capture One but I am after any feedback from anyone who has made the move and uses Photo Mechanic with their workflow in conjunction with Capture One.
Many Thanks.

I just started trialing Capture One. It is a daunting change.

I don't plan to use it for cataloging, only as an editor.

I have not been able to get C1 to launch with the file I want to edit using PM's Edit with function.

That said, even in "Session"mode, it will create 4 files for every image in the directory of the file you are editing, even if you only open 1 image.  One is a settings file (cos), another is a thumbnail (cot), then there are 2 proxy files for each image (coffee and cop). The average of this 4 is about 1.5MB per image. There is no way to prevent C1 from creating these, and it does not delete them when you close. You need to delete them manually. Fortunately they are all in a sub-folder of the folder containing the images.

Other issues I have found in 1 short time of trialing:

The image I am working was taken with a Nikon camera and Sigma lens. The C1 lens profiles that I am looking at for this particular image show the lens profile for a Canon, and other Sigma lenses for Nikon. There is no Nikon/Sigma combination for the camera and lens that I used.

I have set up several plug-ins to be able to Edit with from C1. It appears this only works if the plug-in is already running, otherwise C1 just creates a copy of the file in whatever format that was specified with an incremental number added to the file name. It does this anyway, if the plug-in is open, as that is where the edits are saved. So C1 just creates a new file based on the edits you have done thus far. The plug-in changes are not incorporated back into C1.

Variants are just additional copies of the file, not C1 internal editing instructions. So again, there is nothing non-destructive about the variants.

DNG files saved with C1 have no embedded preview, or at least not one that can be read by Photo Mechanic.

Again, I just started the C1 trial, and perhaps there are solutions to the above problems. I'm not sure C1 is worth the high price. There seems to be better functionality in some of the less expensive editors. (Luminar, PhotoLab). I was thinking of trying Affinity Photo, but their trial period is only 10 days, and when I have had a Serif product in the past, I got pestered with sales calls to buy their other products or upgrade.

Hayo Baan:
Thank you Mick, for sharing your findings! I'm quite happy using Photoshop/Camera Raw and Lightroom (occasionally), but I'm always on the lookout for better solutions.

Please update if you find new issues or solutions to your already described issues. Some of these I could perhaps live with, but e.g. the missing preview is a deal breaker to me. Can you also comment on the quality and other workflow aspects (speed, ease of use, etc.).


I work with PM and C1 since many years.

C1 catalog is not pleasant, so I hoped and use PM+.

No more Adobe, I use sometimes Affinity Photo.

All is OK now.


Odd Skjaeveland:

--- Quote from: mklass on June 19, 2019, 05:27:22 PM ---Variants are just additional copies of the file, not C1 internal editing instructions. So again, there is nothing non-destructive about the variants.

--- End quote ---

I'm confused. I have used C1 regularly since its version 7 without seeing what you describe. C1 in session mode and C1 in catalog mode has always had the variants as non destructive internal edit instructions, I have yet to see C1 create additional copies of "the file" which I take to mean "additional copies of the original image file", not just additional (internal) cache files.

What does indeed confuse a few C1 users is that the first image rendered from an image file is also the first image variant in C1 lingo. C1 shows variants only, there is no concept of an "original" plus "additional variants" as some users tend to think when they start using C1, images shown are variants. The first variant is only one out of the huge number of possible first renderings depending on how you configured C1, on your presets and on added adjustments (if any). The only way to zero variants is to remove the image from C1 ;)

The PM-C1 combo works for me even though both applications have their quirks. My main advice for PM-C1 or PM-<anything> is to do all metadata work in PM (not a loss, PM is likely the better metadata tool anyway).


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