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Photo Mechanic and Capture One 12 Workflow

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I spent a few hours in Google and really came up short in comparison to PM/LR workflow information and tips/tricks. I was about to start a separate discussion about PM/C1 workflow when I stumbled across this one.

Last month I decided I'd give C1 a serious try, but today I decided I'd start tackling full shoots with it.  LR is fine, catalogs get a bit bogged down when they're huge and I love to print from LR, but I use C1 for tethering in the studio a lot and I like the methodical way the photo editing side is split up, remind me of working with nodes and grades in Davinci Resolve. Layers are cool but I haven't ever really had a problem with the brush system in LR. Anyways, I could talk about that for a whole chapter of a book, so I wont.

Getting PM6 to sync color classes and star ratings to C1 was a breeze, that much I expected.  But I read somewhere that C1 is fairly taxing when you tell it to write all data changes to the XMP all the time. I have a tendency to bounce back and forth between PM and my RAW editor and often make rating/class and metadata changes. Is that just a horrible practice and I should stop doing it? Right now, I tell C1 to Auto Sync Sidecar XMP: Load. At least then it's pulling any changes from PM over automatically.

Here is what I currently have it set to?

If I have those settings, it looks like I need to tell C1 to write the metadata any time I decide to go back to PM. Not ideal, but if C1 is extra taxing for some reason when it has to write to XMP every touch, that's probably not ideal? I haven't tested it under a full load.

I was a bit bummed to see that cropping information from PM couldn't translate over to C1, that can save a lot of time in the field. I sent C1 a request, but honestly, their support hasn't been anywhere near as responsive as I'd like. Is there anything else that doesn't translate over?

Right now my workflow looks something like:
1. Ingest / rename using PM
2. Set selects using color class, rate selects using stars
3. Drag selects over to C1 / Import to C1.

I read about how finicky keywords in PM and C1 can be. I usually import with basic information and then add detailed information once I have made selects. So I haven't run into anything major but I don't generally do a ton of metadata after PM.

That's it right now.  If anyone has tips/tricks/links to resources and information to share, that would be awesome. As I dial my workflow in more I'll post back any findings I have.


--- Quote from: imagetic on August 01, 2019, 07:01:05 PM ---Right now my workflow looks something like:
1. Ingest / rename using PM
2. Set selects using color class, rate selects using stars
3. Drag selects over to C1 / Import to C1.

--- End quote ---

What imagetic said above. I find PM to be way better for captioning and keywording, maybe out of old habit, but I prefer it. Jumping back and forth between C1 and PM6 can be painful and mess up star ratings etc. unless you really know what you are doing, so I try to avoid it by having a one-way workflow, PM first - then C1.

I still use Photoshop CS6 (no subscription and still works) when I have to edit individual pixels, but I have found the new layers features in C1 to be incredibly powerful, to the point of just having to use PS for compositing and advanced retouching.

And C1 is the only RAW developer to my knowledge to have a curves tool which works in LAB mode, which is incredibly useful. That, and the skin colour editor, are the stand-out features for me. And rock-solid tethering on commercial shoots.

C1 really flies now on a powerful Hackintosh to the extent that I can cull almost as fast in C1 as in PM6. I could almost do without PM6 if it wasnt for the fact that I find the captioning and keywording to be so much better in PM6. Also really love PM for its uploader tool to Photoshelter, which I use for client delivery and backup. And I am really looking forward to PM Plus and the cataloguing feature, as I really miss a good image cataloguing tool. Lightroom is dog slow and I suffer from subscription fatigue big time, so as long as there is an alternative that isn't subscription-based, then I really prefer that.


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