Author Topic: New User just purchased PM 6. Slower than lightroom. Help please!  (Read 691 times)

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Just picked up PM6.  Heard amazing things about it from fellow photographers.  However, I'm having massive problems with the program "hiccup"-ing.

Using windows 10, newest version of PM 6, version 3143.  What's happening is that when I'm ingesting directly from the camera or off of an external hard drive, the program is terribly slow.  I am roughly familiar with optimizing these programs, so I have gone through and changed some of the buffer and caching settings to roughly what I use for Photoshop.  Few things happen:

When ingesting, the PM will copy over about 5 images, and then hang up for 10-20 seconds on one file, then finish it, and then move on to more images.

When scrolling through marking images, PM 6 will freeze for a few seconds and then move on as you continue to spin the mouse wheel.  This freeze seems to be related to when the program hangs up on ingesting new images.

So, then I found I could install PM 5 and did that.  Here are the differences:

Both of the aforementioned issues are resolved using PM 5.  Another note, PM 5 is just quicker to use.  No lag while selecting images.  Last night it took over 6 hours to ingest 4k images into PM6.  I'm actually not sure how long past 6 hours it took because I went to bed while it was at about 3/4 of the way done. 

So, I downloaded PM5 today on my lunch break when I hopped home, and PM5 ingested the same 4k images in around 30-45 minutes (not super scientific, but it was incredibly fast).  I don't know if this makes a difference or not, but while it was ingesting that batch of images, I was also going through and flagging images to keep as well.

Slightly was pretty disappointed with PM6 being so slow for ~$137 (ASMP member).  However, PM 5 has me over the moon because that is lightning fast, and is exactly what I was expecting. 

I'm worried though that once PM 5 doesn't work with newer operating systems, that these problems will still persist with PM6.  That's why I'm posting here!

Video of problem here:
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