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Open: copied catalog unusable
« on: June 25, 2019, 11:55:00 PM »
Not sure if what this issue here is (yet), but to make some tests I copied an existing catalog to another machine and tried to access it there. This seemed to work; I could browse and filter the images just fine, previews showing and all.

But then I noticed the paths shown for the items. Instead of their true path somewhere on /Volumes/Photos, they were showing an amdoc location. Even when I connected the drive containing the actual images, did this not change anything (in fact this would have surprised me since on the original machine, the paths are shown fine, even if the drive is not connected). Apart from this (which already makes the catalog copy quite useless), removing images from the catalog doesn't work either (no error, the images just refuse to be removed).

So why am I getting these amdoc references instead of the true paths? The full catalog directory was copied and both machines run the 3328 PM+ beta and use the exact same configuration as well.
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