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New ipad OS


Emre Oktay:

I know that an PM for ipad requested and rejected several times, I want to take my chance one more time. As you already know, Apple has announced a new operation system for ipads which introduces new features such as using a portable hdd in files app and accessing a camera/card reader directly from a third party app. I think these new features also address the problems why camerabits  refused to release an PM app for ipad so far.  Since I’m a loyal ipad and photo mechanic user, I’d like to see a PM app for ipad (It could be a basic version of original software with essential features like ingesting, writing file info and transmitting for photographers working on the go) I know you are very busy with PM 6 and PM Plus but I believe you will hear me and other photographers who would like to see such an app someday.


Peter E:





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