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Ingest sessions, not only days, is it possible?

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Is it possible to auto ingest photos, but split up to sessions, based on time difference between shots? For example, if photo created with more, than 1 hour after last photo, it goes to own folder? Thanks!

Hayo Baan:
No, it's not possible to do exactly as you want. But perhaps putting the images in folders based on the hour they were taken is an alternative?

Do you mean it split folders by hours, or all images taken in hour will be in one folder?
Thank you

Hayo Baan:
I meant folders per hour, with all images taken in that hour in it. Not exactly what you wanted but perhaps close enough.

I've never tried it, but unless there is something I don't know about stopping it, you could split photos up into hours based on the timestamp inside the files.

In the Ingest dialog (CMD+G on macOS), you would want to copy photos into folder with name, and then in the folder name field, do something like /{hour24}

So in my workflow, I do date based folders. {yr4}/{mn0}-{mnn3}/{yr2}{mn0}{day0}

That automatically ingests photos into a 2019/01-Jan/YYMMDD/ folder structure. If you added /{hour24} to it, you would get a full 2019/01-Jan/YYMMDD/hr type structure.

I don't think you could organize photos by a "more than one hour since last photo" type of structure using PM.


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