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Independent zoom (in side-by-side preview)


Currently PM6 and PM+ allow three of the four possible zoom/scroll actions in the 2-up side-by-side preview:

* locked scroll
* locked zoom
* independent scrollIt would be nice if independent zoom were added to the set of actions to complete the logical quaternity and allow more flexibility for comparing images.

By way of comparison, Media Pro allows all four types of actions with a simple toggle of the "scroll lock" function: turn lock on for locked zoom/scroll, off for independent zoom/scroll. Zoom scaling/magnification is controlled via either +/- keys or a contextual menu for the image in focus.

My typical use cases:

* To compare the sharpness of the subject in similar photos taken at different focal lengths (e.g., 400mm at 50%, 200mm at 100%)
* To compare the quality of differently-sized versions of the same image (e.g., NEF at 50%, half-size derivative JPEG at 100%)
* To identify a person in different images (e.g., by comparing a closeup portrait at 15% with one or more distant group shots at 100%)
* In a series of similar images, to see details of one image while keeping an un-magnified image next to it so I can see the original context
* To create a quick-and-dirty diptych, triptych, montage, etc., that can be screen grabbed (independent zoom+scroll allows alignment of the images as needed).

Kirk Baker:
I'd like to see what the UI in Media Pro looks like in this regard.  I'm having trouble picturing how a single panel UI would provide independent zoom ratios for more than one view.



Media Pro uses a "Light Table" for comparing images (up to 6). Invoked by a keyboard shortcut or menu, Light Table may be displayed as either a full screen UI or floating window (samples below). Independent zooming is done by unlocking Scroll Lock ('S' key) and either hovering over the focus image and hitting +/-, or control clicking on the focus image to use the contextual menu and Set Scaling submenu. The Scroll Lock item is probably misnamed; it should have been called "Scroll/Zoom Lock" since that is how it behaves. (Oh, and I always use full screen view, never the floating window, since I want to maximize screen space and not be distracted by the background UI.)

I imagine something similar could be done in the existing PM preview UI but it would require some redesign of the Zoom section's controls. Consider a single Scroll/Zoom lock checkbox and relocating the Zoom ratio control to a contextual menu for each image.

Kirk Baker:
Thanks for the info, Mark.



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