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As iPads are becoming increasingly more important in my workflow, I'd love to see an iOS version. The iPad Pro is USB-C based and therefore will be accepting more peripherals in the future including card readers and eternal HDD and SSD devices.

Upfront apologies for this posts that sounds like a rant.

If you are willing to use the Photos app, there are a few IPTC metadata editors available in the App Store.

This has been asked/requested multiple times over the years back to 2010 (just search for iPad). From their responses, I do not get the impression that they see the iPad as a serious tool for photographers amateur or professional. First access to the photos was not easy, as it had to go via the Photo App (Apple changed the API's for this multiple times and developers with a PhotoMechanic like iPad application stopped development due to the many rewrite from scratch needed). Transfer via WiFi is not something they saw or see  photographers using :
I don't think many Photographers want to have to use something like an EyeFi or a wireless transmitter unit for their camera.  If they did, they would be using them now and really wouldn't need an iPad, they would have their device upload directly to their server.
The latest response was June 10, 2019 :
Not at this time, no.  We don't have the development resources to take on another platform.


You can try ShutterSnitch, with RAW files, it will generate XML sidecar files with the IPTC info and with JPEG files, the IPTC info is embedded when exporting the files.

I have created the following workflow :
- Get the photo's into Shuttersnitch via Eye-Fi or in iPadOS 13 using the 'Files' app copying the files from the card into a collection in Shuttersnitch.
- Select the photo's to keep
- Use the actions to rename and add IPTC data
- Move the remaining photos to a folder on the iPad en edit them using Pixelmator photo
- Use the batch option in Pixelmator photo to export the edited photo's to JPEGS. The IPTC is still in the matching sidecar files.

Now I am looking to get the IPTC into the JPEG files using either a round trip in Shuttersnitch or writing a Python script using Pythonista to stamp the IPTC into the JPEG files.

The people behind Cascable, an app for WiFi transfer from various camera's, have an open ear for their customers.
So you can also keep an eye out for their development.

Sorry, but once I have figured out a good working workflow for sorting, editing and stamping IPTC data on iPad, I will ditch PhotoMechanic for macOS.
At that point, it has lost its added value for me, and since the creators seem to be stuck in time and do not want to move with the times, I feel supporting them by paying for all the upgrades in the past for the desktop app in the hope of seeing a iPad app a waste of money.


--- Quote ---Sorry, but once I have figured out a good working workflow for sorting, editing and stamping IPTC data on iPad, I will ditch PhotoMechanic for macOS.
--- End quote ---

There was an application that worked great with all the features that the photojournalist needed: "PicturePro". Custom ingest, templates, powerful metadata edition, code replacement, batch edit, batch rename, batch resize, FTP, Mail, archive, etc, etc. Unfortunately, it is one of those that have stopped developing due to Apple's changes in APIs. Not working in iOS 12 or 13.

I thought about using it, but it was too high priced imho at the time. I bought PhotosInfoPro, worked fine using templates and keywords lists.
Apple changed the API for photos with each iOS release, and it was not viable to keep rewriting the application with each iOS release.

MetaGear works only with the Photo Library as source, meaning a round trip through Photos.


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