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Photo Mechanic Plus Beta 9
« on: September 19, 2019, 06:22:45 PM »
Hello Everyone,

This is the eighth update to the Photo Mechanic Plus beta.  This beta is open to all Photo Mechanic 6 users.  We would appreciate you trying the beta of Photo Mechanic Plus and giving us your feedback and relay any bugs that you find to us.  Two new message boards have been created to discuss the beta.  Please do not discuss the beta on any of the other boards.  For support on the beta post in, and to request features, post in

Please note that the Photo Mechanic Plus Beta is not feature complete nor is it tuned for maximum performance.  Any catalogs you create may need to be updated if the underlying database format changes.

We invite you to be part of the development process.

Download links:



Public Beta 9 Release (R3719)

REQUIRED AFTER INSTALLATION : Optimizations were made to this Beta release requiring
users to re-index existing catalogs. Search results will be inaccurate until the re-indexing
operation is completed. To re-index a catalog, please follow instructions in the Catalog
Maintenance section in the ReadMe.pdf file.

 ● Fixed: Unable to remove a collection.

 ● Fixed: Info Text not always updating.
 ● Fixed: Crop isn't drawn on preview when using the Paste button.
 ● Fixed: TaskBar icon goes blank after each Installer update.
 ● Fixed: Installer appears to stall during the space requirements process.

 ● Organizer UI has undergone some changes that we hope will help improve the aesthetics and user experience of this feature. We look forward to your feedback in order to continuously improve this feature.
   ○ Contact sheet tabs created by Organizer are now titled with their specific search name (“Filter”, “Browse”, “Collection:<name>”, “Search <n>”).
   ○ There is now only one contact sheet for each specific search type (“Filter”, “Browse”, “Collection”). This was done to minimize the number of Contact Sheets
users accumulate. Contact sheets generated via the “Navigator” are not restricted, allowing you to create as many as you wish. Searches may optionally
reuse Contact Sheet tabs, or allow multiple tabs.
   ○ Organizer Filter now has a “New” and “Clear” button allowing you to create a new filter search, as well as clear existing filter selections. Filters now start out by
showing all images, and as you make selections across multiple Filter Stages, the number of results will decrease.
   ○ Organizer Browse now has a “Clear” button allowing you to clear existing browse selections. Browse starts with no images and as you select items more images
appear (the opposite of Filtering.)
   ○ Organizer has moved “Quick Search” to its own tab adjacent to “Filter”, “Browse”, “Collections”.
   ○ When switching between contact sheets that are Organizer-based searches (“Filter”, “Browse” “Collection”, “Search”), their respective tabs in the Organizer
will come forward with their current settings displayed. You can opt-out of this behavior by changing your settings in the Catalog Preferences dialog. Catalog->Catalog Preferences...
 ● Metadata in Filter and Browse retains its original case
 ● Case-sensitive search option is now available in the Search tab
 ● Improvement: ‘Include items in Catalog' now notifies user if no catalog is enabled.
 ● Feature: Added support for FTP over TLS/SSL (FTPS) to the FTPv6 uploader
 ● Fixed: When deleting a catalog in Catalog Management, dialog shows "Failed to open catalog" while deletion is in progress.
 ● Fixed: PM sometimes reporting that it is disabling Catalog features at startup. This fix should prevent this from happening, however there may still be edge cases.
 ● Fixed: "Only search contact sheet items" in Quick Search should obey the "Reuse Search Tabs" setting.
 ● Fixed: Only allow the Adobe DNG Converter app to be chosen as the RAW Render engine in PM6. Previous releases allowed users to assign any application which caused some serious issues (as one would expect).
 ● Fixed: Thumbnails and preview flash periodically during Ingest operation.
 ● Fixed: Filter tab refreshes when metadata changes are discovered and updated in Catalog.
 ● Fixed: Loupe mode in Contact Sheet sometimes never displays zoomed image.
 ● Fixed: Deleting an image in a Folder-based Contact Sheet tab would bring a Search tab forward.
 ● Fixed: Canon CR3 files that are locked in-camera now ingest with their Tag set.
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