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Struggling to import FTP server configs


Joel Goodman:
I'm copying across some updated settings from a newer Win 10 laptop running latest PM6 to an older Win 8.1 laptop, also running latest PM6 (the newer laptop is about to get a service so will be out of action).
I've easily copied the latest snapshots over but FTP servers configs are not stored in the same way so I've tried Preferences>Export>selecting everything that starts with "Uploader Template:FTP:Connection" and exporting those items to a preferences file.
PM generates the file but when I try to import the file using Import using the older computer, the Import dialogue shows no lines in the window when I select the preferences file - it is blank.
Is this a Win10->Win8.1 thing? Is there another way to move FTP server configurations from one computer to another in the circumstances?

Kirk Baker:

That should work.  Sounds like a bug.

You can manually transfer the files.  In your Photo Mechanic preferences folder (for me this is in C:\Users\kbaker\AppData\Roaming\Camera Bits, Inc\Photo Mechanic) there is the 'fileupload' folder.  If you want to copy everything and replace all of the Uploader settings on the older Windows 8.1 laptop then copy this folder and its subfolders over to that computer.  Otherwise, if you only want the FTP connection settings, open the fileupload folder then open the templates folder and then the builtin folder inside it.  You'll see a file named FTP-conn.yml which you can copy to the same place on your laptop and all of the FTP connection settings will be replaced.



Joel Goodman:
Thanks Kirk, that worked :)

Is it safe to open that file in Notepad and edit it? Eg changing FTP account names?

Kirk Baker:

--- Quote from: Joel Goodman on October 20, 2019, 03:46:49 PM ---Thanks Kirk, that worked :)

Is it safe to open that file in Notepad and edit it? Eg changing FTP account names?

--- End quote ---

Sure.  It's a text file.  Just keep a backup in case you have problems.


Joel Goodman:
Fab, thanks.


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