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Compatibility of Photo Mechanic 6 and e-mail Tunderbird by Mozilla


Hi to support,  Can anyone advise if there has been any progress in ensuring Photo Mechanic 6 is compatible with Thunderbird by Mozilla.  I queried this quite a few moons ago.

Any update on this problematic issue please.

Awaiting reply.  When it is possible to use version 6 with Thunderbird I will buy a licence.
Best regards  John Edwin Skelton in Slovakia.

Some work is being done to try to improve general email functionality in Photo Mechanic. Without knowing exactly what you mean by "compatible" it is hard to say if it will do exactly what you are looking for.  There are lots of ways 'n' workarounds to get photos from Photo Mechanic into various emails. Is it possible we can help with something in the meantime?



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