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Photo Mechanic Plus Beta 11
« on: November 01, 2019, 09:39:40 AM »
Hello Everyone,

This is the tenth update to the Photo Mechanic Plus beta.  This beta is open to all Photo Mechanic 6 users.  We would appreciate you trying the beta of Photo Mechanic Plus and giving us your feedback and relay any bugs that you find to us.  Two new message boards have been created to discuss the beta.  Please do not discuss the beta on any of the other boards.  For support on the beta post in, and to request features, post in

Please note that the Photo Mechanic Plus Beta is not feature complete nor is it tuned for maximum performance.  Any catalogs you create may need to be updated if the underlying database format changes.

We invite you to be part of the development process.

Download links:



Public Beta 11 Release (R3938)

● Fixed: opening Preferences with an open Contact Sheet set to any sort order other than "Capture Time” resets order to "Capture Time" when Preferences changes are accepted.
● Fixed: PM no longer tries to gain file access on Server volumes. This was causing a loss of privileges for SMB/Windows shares.
● Fixed: rendering issue that would cause the 5-star rating filter numbers and stars to appear too dark on some user’s systems.
● Removed the High DPI settings (popup menu) from the Contact Sheet and Preferences pages. The combination of best and fastest settings are automatically set based on your display’s capabilities.

● Fixed: Crop rectangle remains when advancing Preview from IPTC info.
● Fixed: Shift-rename in Preview now properly skips Rename dialog if a successful rename has already occurred.
● Added new method for Sending Photos via Email by using the user’s SMTP server credentials to send email. If you want copies of what you send, please Bcc yourself.  Note: at this time there is no address book. It was provided by MAPI applications and PM6 is not using MAPI at this time.

● Fixed: DNG Converter permanently blacklists files that fail to render.
● Fixed: Issue with Arrangements and active filters.
● Fixed: Blank thumbnails after Ingest when opening Contact Sheets upon Ingest completion.
● Fixed: Photo Mechanic will not render Leica Q2 DNGs when configured to do so.
● Fixed: When activating PM6, any existing PM5 activations can optionally be deactivated during the PM6 activation process. On macOS Catalina (and higher) this is mandatory since PM5 cannot run on a 64-bit-only macOS. This should help users stay within their activation allotment and reduce failed activations.
● Fixed: Uploader templates - No images selected on second upload attempt.
● Fixed: Non-color managed thumbnails/previews do not rotate.
● Fixed: NEF to TIFF with Save as - Uses Artist tag offset for Copyright tag.
● Fixed: PM6 now reads TIFF file Image Description and Copyright tags.
● Fixed: User address persistence feature in the Set GPS Coordinates dialog was no longer working. Changes were made to correct this problem.
● Fixed: Disallow users from selecting Lightroom as a default image editor. A warning will appear, directing users to use drag and drop instead.
● Fixed: Failure to render thumbnail in Contact Sheet on incomplete files.
● Fixed: Ampersand in Catalog folder name causes display issue.
● Fixed: Copyright and Creator sometimes not indexed.
● Support for key-based authentication added to SFTP uploader. (PEM format private keys are supported. Newer OpenSSH key format is not yet supported, but most such keys may be converted to PEM format via OpenSSH command-line utilities.)
● Metadata field separators are now handled correctly when metadata is processed by Catalog.
● When removing contact sheet items from a collection, we now remove the items from the collection and the collection's children.
● Improved progress bar updates when re-indexing in order to provide more information thereby avoiding the sense of operation being stuck.
● Added the “Headline” field to the Browse tree and Filters. You’ll need to re-index before you’ll see them appear with any data.
● Performance and stability improvements to the inner workings of Photo Mechanic.