Author Topic: Missing folder expansion caret in navigation panel on ingest  (Read 876 times)

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Missing folder expansion caret in navigation panel on ingest
« on: January 11, 2020, 04:27:31 PM »
I configured Ingest settings to open contact sheets during ingest with a folder name field that includes subfolders (e.g. "jobsjob/{yr4}/{datesort} [{clientcustom1}] {job}/Capture").
I may have a bug to report.

On ingest, the navigation panel only expands the first two levels of the folder structure (in this case, shoots/2020), with no caret to indicate that there are subfolders under that. This happens for both when 2020 is new or existing. Workaround was to right click on jobs and select "refresh" for the caret to appear so I can navigate in to create other subfolders.

If the ingest resulted in the creation of more than one folder (e.g. card had photos that crossed over to a new date), then the caret appears. The expectation is for PM's navigation panel to be aware of subfolders in the folder structure without the need for a manual refresh.

I've attached a screenshot of my settings and the navigation panel when the bug occurred.

I'm running PM v6 build 4155 (e068498) on macOS mojave v10.14.6; I don't remember when this started happening, but it was definitely around as of the previous build with the other scanning/refresh issue.