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Photo Mechanic 6, Build 4538
« on: April 16, 2020, 11:14:57 AM »
Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce an update to Photo Mechanic 6 for macOS and Windows.  This new build of Photo Mechanic 6 addresses a number of issues present in the 4484 build.



On macOS, Photo Mechanic 6 requires Mac OS X 10.10 or higher  If you are using a Mac with macOS 10.9.x or older, you will need to upgrade to macOS 10.10 or higher to use Photo Mechanic 6.

On Windows, Photo Mechanic 6, requires a 64-bit edition of Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.  If you are using Windows Vista, XP, NT, 2000, ME, 98 or 95, you will need to upgrade to Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 in order to use Photo Mechanic 6.

Version 6.0 Build 4538

• Fixed: Metadata Info window keyboard shortcut Cmd-N doesn't advance to the next photo.
• Fixed: Command-click Zoom not working if Crop tool active.
• Fixed: 'P' enters Crop Preview mode when no crop is set.
• Fixed: Spotlight queries from Spotlight Search panel sometimes fail, yet 'Search my Mac' succeeds.
• Fixed: Networked subfolders slow to open.
• Fixed: Make sure all dynamic libraries are code-signed compatible with macOS 10.10.
• Fixed: Unable to Send Photos via Email to Apple Mail.
• Fixed: Loupe mode loses Preview when marquee is on edge of thumbnail.
• Fixed: Renaming Folders in Navigator/Favorites causes subfolders to become unable to open.

• Fixed: Layout height issue with ‘Append/Replace’ popup menu on Caption.
• Fixed: Initial crop not sticking on adjustment when starting out of bounds on left edge of photos.

• Added: XMP sidecar support for HEIC/HEIF images.  You can now tag, rate, color label, crop, and caption these images.
• Added: Better support for reporting third party lens information on Nikon Z cameras.
• Fixed: Image pairing of only RAW+JPEG (and RAW+HEIF/HEIC) has returned.
• Fixed: Cannot find keywords with umlauts in Structured Keywords panel.
• Fixed: Cannot find keywords with umlauts in Find panel.
• Fixed: Photo Mechanic does not provide Autocomplete suggestions for Variables.
• Fixed: Live Slide Show fails to display images.