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Uploading images to multiple FTP servers at once (batch)


Hello Kirk,

I know this question is asked before, but maybe something changed nowadays. I'm looking for a solution to upload images to multiple suppliers at once or in batch. I have 4 different FTP connections of agencies who are receiving my images. They are all important for me and needs to get the images as fast as possible. My question, can I upload to different ftp connections at once or in one batch/action. I'm pretty sure that a lot of PM users would love to have this feature if it's not available yet.

If someone else have another solution or a suggestion I hope it's allowed to comment as well.


Bob M:
Or if there were an option to skip the copy step on subsequent FTPing of the same set of images.  That at least would save some time.

The answer I got was to use some kind of Automator but I tried and doesn’t really work. It might work first time but then not.

It could be fantastic if PM could add like an action in photoshop, for example.


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