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New, Unofficial Build 5465
« on: January 08, 2021, 11:11:00 AM »
Hello Everyone,

This build addresses a number of issues and adds some quality of life improvements but includes some changes that we haven't been able to vet completely due to an inability to reproduce a particular problem.  Please read everything below before using this build.

Photo Mechanic Plus (R5465) 01/08/2021 (unofficial release)

  ● Added: The Set GPS Coordinates dialog is now resizable.
  ● Added: The list of catalogs to be set to search and add/modify is now scrollable such that they no longer take large amounts of vertical space in various parts of the UI.
  ● Added: New folder patterns to ignore when building/syncing catalogs. You can now ignore folders that are created by various applications when they’re managing your photos. For example, */CaptureOne will ignore any Capture One folders. */Settings* will ignore any folders that start with the name Settings and will match names like Settings123 or Settings101.
  ● Added: Updated PhotoDeck upload template to support two-factor authentication.
  ● Fixed: Adjusting the Absolute date via the Date picker in the Adjust Capture Dates and Times dialog no longer adjusts the time as well when the date of the photo is outside of the editable bounds of dates supported by the OS.
  ● Potentially Fixed, needs testing from users in the field: Catalog paths and row keys are now Unicode-normalized in order to fix issues with certain character sequences causing duplicate images when using Catalog Sync to update a catalog. Before using this build, users should remove all duplicate images (both sets) from any catalog(s) and then update to this version and perform a Catalog Sync (Quick Sync) to add back in the missing images. Additional Quick Catalog Syncs should then not cause duplicates to be added. Please test this and let us know if the problem is actually fixed.

  ● Fixed: Catalog dialogs become unresponsive after dragging files out of Photo Mechanic Plus.

  ● Fixed: Catalog/Collection-related contextual menu items now correctly work on a selection of photos.
  ● Fixed: Using Ctrl-C to copy selected text in the Info text pane of the Preview window now works correctly.

Links to the new build.  Make sure you have read the above changes, especially the Potentially Fixed one above.  Helping us test that issue requires action with your current build before using this new build.



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Re: New, Unofficial Build 5465
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2021, 10:40:46 AM »
Many thanks for this update - am pleased to confirm that adjusting date can now be independent of the time.  Much appreciated.