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Keywording; duplicate keywords
« on: April 24, 2007, 03:09:35 PM »
At first; big thanks for the huge enhancement in assigning keywords in 4.5.

Noticed the following, minor, flaw.

After assigning combined paths, but with same keywords in it, Photomechanic to ignore duplicate keywords. When the file is opened in photoshop, duplicates in the keyword field show up.

For example, taken the predefined WORLD REGIONS & COUNTRIES keywordset you'll assign in an append action:

Pacific Rim>Mexico


North America>Mexico

Mexico is the duplicate keyword. It shows up once in Photomechanic keywordfield, but viewed in photoshop twice. Didnt test it in other programs.

Is there anyway to avoid it?
Guess it is a minor problem, but it will result in messy keywordfields. Especially when using two, or more, keywords further down the same path.

Any help appriciated, keep up the excellent work
thanks Sup