Author Topic: SOLVED! Renaming makes CR2 files unrecognisable for PS and C1 etc....  (Read 1161 times)

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I didn't know that PM 6 Build 5716 had a bug...I went back to the previous version...problem solved!
Thank you SUPPORT!! Very fast response!


I am using Photo Mechanic Version 6.0, build 5716 (1c11781) on a MacPro 6,1 with MacOS Mojave. So far I haven't had this massive problem. When I am renaming my files they become unrecognisable for any other photo editor. It´s not visible in PM itself. It shows thumbnails and converts files into Tiff or Jpeg. But I guess PM is using the JPG what is part of the file and is not rendering a new file. I don't know what happened, because I have not changed anything on my computer since I used it the last time. It is quite sudden and I don't have any explanation.
Renaming the files in Bridge doesn't cause any problems but is compared to PM not as elegant...

I have CR2 files in at least 2 different folders, but ask PM to combine the folders in one contact sheet. Then I sort them by capture time before I rename the files. This worked always perfect. But today it doesn't.

Does anyone have an idea what this behaviour is due to?

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Re: SOLVED! Renaming makes CR2 files unrecognisable for PS and C1 etc....
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