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Proxies handling
« on: September 06, 2021, 03:08:39 AM »
Hello Kirk,

in the post
you wrote:
Currently, if an image is available, it is always loaded directly instead of using the proxies.  Proxies are only used when the media containing the images is unavailable.  I'd like to change that and give users the option of using the proxies first on user-specified volumes.

The different usage of the proxies is very noticeable during larger searches:

When i work with a catalog offline, accessing the preview images is extremely fast.
(the catalog and the preview images are on an internal SSD).
When i connect the external hard drive where the original images are stored (it's a slower, external HDD), the display of the preview images becomes very slow. You can hear how for each preview image the original image is first located on the external hard disk before the preview image is displayed. With a large number of images, this takes a considerable amount of time.

It would be a great progress, to load the preview display in the foreground as fast as offline, while localizing the original files in the background.

Best regards