Author Topic: A few feature requests... colour tages, display by photographer, split window  (Read 2302 times)

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Colour tages:

I use colour tags during my edit to code images that have been sent, need to be kept and ones to be deleted.

I'd like the colour of the tag to completely surround the image in the preiview window, instead of the small bar at the bottom right of the preview. This is because when I come to do my second edit after the live event, I sometimes accidentally overwrite a colour code with a different one as I don't spot that the image has already been coded in the bottom right. If the colour completely filled the blank space around the preview it would be blindingly obvious if the image was coded and what colour also. Maybe this could also be a user preference to be switched on and off?

Split Pane Window:

I'd like to again raise the subject of having a moveable divider to show two folders in the same window. I requested this a while ago but it was decided that it wasn't a feature PM wanted to add. My technician keeps requesting this feature when we work together. The tabs is an improvment, but my tech wants to see two folders open in one window with a re-sizable split down the middle. Each side having full independent sort options. Does anyone else see a benefit in this?

Fixed ingest progress bar:

My tech also wants to request that the ingest progress bar be fixed to the contact sheet window, either at the top or bottom, so that it's constantly viewable when working in the contact sheet.

Display Pop-Up Menu:

What would also be nice would be a pop-up menu that would access the byline (or other IPTC field). Instead of sort-by photographer, you could go to the pop-up menu and a list of the selected varible would be displayed, in this case, the photographer variable. All the possible bylines contained in the contact sheet would be listed and the user can then select one and only those images would be shown. This would be useful when there are hundres of images, and you don't want to sort by the photographer, just display the images of one photographer.

This could be called the 'display pop-up menu' and could be customised in the same way the 'sort by' is. Another example would be lens, if a contact sheet contained images shot on 35mm, 200mm and 400mm lenses the clicking on the 'display pop-up menu' (configured to variable focal length) would list these lenses, the editor could then select one and only those images shot using that lens would be displayed. This could be used to camera model, iso, location etc etc.