Author Topic: Ingest issue with Locked photos  (Read 156 times)

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Ingest issue with Locked photos
« on: June 20, 2022, 03:31:43 PM »
I had an issue the other night that stopped me in my tracks. I shoot professional sport in Australia, AFL specifically in this instance.

I shoot, lock the photos I wish to Ingest, and at the end of each quarter of play I dump the photos onto my laptop via Photo Mechanic.

There is 6 minutes break between 'quarters' of play (20 minutes for half time), which gives me enough time to Ingest, sort and import a selection into Lightroom, card goes back into camera.

Last weekend this process worked for Quarters 1 & 2 - PM just picked up the most recent LOCKED photos.
When dumping at the end of Q3, it decided to scan the entire card and pick up everything previous "non-RAW" (there are some .mp4 files). This obviously is bad because it's time consuming and it hammers the laptop battery. This is obviously far from ideal.

After the game I performed the Ingest, and it seems to have overlooked the "LOCKED" status of the photos, and import every photo from the match. This means I've got double-ups of some photos.

I want to re-Ingest the correct selection, but unsure how to do that for just the photos from the 2nd half of the match.

I can't work out;

- Why this happened
- How to do the 2nd selective Ingest from the card. It means I have to go through over 1000 photos to tidy everything up.

** In this case I'm using a card with data already on it. Not ideal, but these items have been previously Ingested (there's some old shots there I need to review). Not ideal, I know but the big issue here is that it worked for 2 x Ingests, then it seemed to change it's behaviour.

Any advice would be awesome, including a way that I can tell Photo Mechanic to look at the card and only Ingest after a specific time on a specific date (i.e. locked photo after 5:15pm on the 19/6/2022).

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Re: Ingest issue with Locked photos
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2022, 03:51:17 PM »
I'd like to see your Photo Mechanic log.  In Photo Mechanic go to the Help menu and choose "Reveal Support Data..." and moments later a Finder/Windows Explorer window will come forward with the zipped log file selected.  Use the 'Attachments and other options' link when you're composing your reply to this message and there you'll be able to upload your zipped PM log file.