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Setting file attributes
« on: June 28, 2007, 09:07:39 AM »
As a Nikon View user I have come to like the ability of that program to set the file's read only and hidden file attributes.  This provides an easy way to transfer a selection from one program to another.

For instance, if PM could recognize read only or hidden file attributes, then I could make a selection in Nikon View, mark them as read only, open PM, select the read only images, and perform a PM action on them.

Of course, the read only and hidden file attributes have other -- more conventional -- uses as well.

If implemented, then PM should be able to select files by attribute.

When in RAW+JPG mode, setting a file's attribute would set the raw, jpg, sound, xmp, etc. versions of the file to that attribute. 

When reading attributes in RAW+JPG mode, if either of the raw or jpg files were marked read only or hidden, I would suggest that the file by displayed as read only or hidden.