Author Topic: editing with a Nintendo Wii controller - need new shortcut  (Read 3318 times)

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editing with a Nintendo Wii controller - need new shortcut
« on: July 14, 2007, 03:19:04 PM »

Hi Kirk and everyone-

I'd like to request a set of shortcuts to toggle up and down through the star ratings and color classes- Something that rather than assign a particular class, would just bump things up or down one notch. Kind of like a volume up / volume down key.

I realize that this might be a limited use shortcut, but since I'm planning on programming it into a software interface, you can make the shortcut as complicated as you want- (shift-control-option-command-plus/minus or anything)

This isn't really necessary when you're using a keyboard and can hit 1-5 easily enough... but I'm getting really tired of sitting at my keyboard while plowing through large sets of images, and would like to make editing a bit more of a physically varied experience (no matter how awesome you make the software, sitting at the computer forever is still not the best for your body, and most photographers already do enough damage to themselves while out in the field...

My current setup involves my monitor on a swing arm that can move in front of a treadmill, and using a programmed video editing controller (the Shuttle Xpress from contour) to go through images and tag them - but the next step that I'm experimenting with is using a nintendo Wii controller - having shortcuts to raise and lower star ratings and color classes would make this endeavor a bit easier.

For those interested, the software to have the wii talk to your mac is at:
and some gesture recognition software is at: