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API Feature
« on: August 05, 2007, 11:17:01 AM »
Based on another discussion (, I am posting this request for further integration of PM with external applications and API-like functionality. The web gallery creation and image uploading already appears to be fully customizable via ruby, but there are other areas where "hooks" for other scripts or external applications might be useful.

Some samples...

External applications could be called during an ingest process:
   (1) Prior to the ingest starting (with the drive/path passed as a parameter)
   (2) Prior to ingesting a file (with the path to the source file as a parameter)
   (3) After a file is ingested (with the path to the destination file as a parameter)
   (4) After the ingest completes (with the drive/path passed as a parameter)

External applications could also be called before and after the following processes:
   (1) A web gallery generation
   (2) An image upload
   (3) An ftp transfer

I have some other notes on these ideas in my office, which I'll check on Monday and add to this thread, but for now this should give you a basic idea about this feature request.