Author Topic: IPTC Keyword Scroll behaviour  (Read 5653 times)

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IPTC Keyword Scroll behaviour
« on: April 25, 2006, 10:08:27 PM »
Modest Feature Request...

I have an imported list of IPTC keywords. When opening "IPTC Info" for an image to edit, I choose "keywords" and a long list appears (in my case, bird species).  I then can type 'r" and the list goes to the R words.  But the R words appear at the bottom of the pop-up list.

What would be an improvement  would be if the R words appear at the top of the pop-up list. I believe this will save time because i can then see all the Rs on my screen and I won't have to scroll down.

I mentioned this to Bob Russell back in November and he said he was going to bring it up in a meeting...

Congrats on the forum...and another terrific update to an essential and excellent product