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new feature request-grh
« on: November 22, 2007, 12:53:01 PM »
Request 01 - I have a Canon 1d mkII, it would improve my workflow it I could see the active focus points/targets in relationship to all the focus points/targets. I have heard Canon has this in one of their included software programs, however I can not find this feature.

Request 02 - In  Apple Aperture & Adobe Lightroom you can "clump photos" based on firing intervals. For example I want a burst of images to be grouped every 30 seconds or every 1.5 minutes or any time interval of my choosing.

Request 03 - In slide show mode, give the user the ability to show any metadata of the photographer's choice.

Reqeust 04 - The cropping feature is archaic at best. Put the cropping dialog into plain english. Bob had to send me a conversion cheat sheet. If I want a photo to be landscape at 5" x &" @ 300 dpi, I lost my slide rule years ago.

I have been using you product for years! It is truely a gem and I tell all my friends about it when ever I can.

Graham Hedrick