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True FullScreen Mode
« on: January 07, 2008, 08:30:24 AM »
I am currently testing PhotoMechanic - and I like the program its very usable, easy to use...

what I miss is a true full screen mode when pressing the F key
it would be best when fotos could use the entire screen and the background is black
I do not like the Windows-Taskbar and the window frame when watching fotos fullscreen
also the rating and so on should be optional or should disappear when the mouse is not moved
just want a black screen with my photos fitting into that full screen

Bernhard Hartl, from Austria

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Re: True FullScreen Mode
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2008, 09:57:01 AM »
I agree that a nice full screen viewing mode would be a good addition to the Preview Window. Kirk has indicated that one day PM will be more multi-monitor friendly and the Preview and Contact Sheet windows will be non-modal. Unfortunately, I imagine that a true full screen preview would be a bit complex and might have to wait for such major updates to these windows. As a programmer I understand that such a redesign is no small undertaking and don't expect to see it any time soon. (Although it will be a very welcome addition when it does arrive.) 

That said, we could "sort of" get such a full screen view by using the Slide Show. Unfortunately, it is not accessible directly from the Preview Window. Perhaps a hotkey that could directly call up the slide show from the Preview Window might work as a solution for now?

Here's what I think might work well: A new hot key to call up a "Quick" Slide Show. This hot key should work from both the Contact Sheet and the Preview Window. When this Quick Slide Show is started it should bypass the "Slide Show Settings" window. If there exists a snapshot named "quick" it should be used, otherwise the last used settings should be used. This would give us a one-keypress solution to get a slide show started, and could work as a full screen preview from the Preview Window.

If such a feature is added, there are a couple of minor tweaks to the slide show that could be very useful. While these were previously discussed and Kirk indicated they would have to wait until the slide show is re-written, I think they're worth mentioning here as they're related to this topic:

  We should have the ability to set Star Rating and/or Color Class of an image during a slide show.
  Currently, we can set one (based on preferences), but not both.
  See for this item.

  The caption should be redisplayed after the Color Class, Star Rating or Tag State is changed during a slide show.
  See for this item.

Also, on a related note, when a slide show is active it should (optionally) blank all monitors, not just the one it will run on.