Author Topic: Request: keeping explorer pane current with thumbs page  (Read 3673 times)

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Request: keeping explorer pane current with thumbs page
« on: June 13, 2006, 11:28:26 PM »
Hi Kirk,

We talked about this in private mail some time back, but I don't remember if I ever clarified.

Is it possible to have PM open the folder in the Explorer pane, that corresponds to the thumbs I'm viewing?

To explain...
Many many times we open PM via Windows File Explorer, right click/context menu.  While this works just fine, PM's explorer pane does not keep up; i.e. it doesn't open the folder that contains the thumbs I'm viewing.  For our complex projects, this becomes awkward, since we have images in sibling (parallel) folders, and can't use PM's explorer pane to open those.   Our folder trees on the disk are very large (width and depth), so it's close to impossible to even see where we're at, as the Ex. pane is just huge (espcially when we may have as many as 8 other disks under "My Computer").

Hope that makes sense!

Many thanks!